Win A $250 Gift Certificate In The 3rd Annual Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge

With the regular season coming to the homestretch, Colony Grill and The Ruden Report are going to give one FCIAC fall team the chance to hold a team dinner with a $250 gift certificate that can be used at one of the restaurant’s locations, in Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield or Milford.

Welcome to the 3rd annual Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge.

Just as coaches keep you in shape with long practices, we too are going to make you work hard for the prize, but have fun in the process.

There will be a procedure to determine 10 teams as finalists, and they will then compete in a vote on The Ruden Report to determine the winner.

How does a team become a finalist? Starting on Sunday at 7:30 p.m., go to the Ruden Report Instagram account (_rudenreport) and look for the same contest graphic as the top of this post. Follow the account, like the photo and comment what team you are on. The first 12 teams that get 15 people to do this will be entered as finalists. We are limiting this to two teams per school.

Once we have the 12 finalists, we will arrange to have a 24-hour vote-off next week, the same format as we do for The Ruden Report Team of the Week. The winner gets a $250 gift certificate to Colony Grill for a team dinner.

So head over to Instagram and get your teammates and friends to do the same as we get ready for the 3rd annual Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge.