You Make The Call: Trinity Catholic’s Winning Touchdown Catch Against Norwalk

Controversy broke out at Norwalk High School Friday night, after Trinity Catholic’s Johnny Somers made a spectacular fourth-down catch between three defenders with 1:22 remaining that provided the winning margin in a 22-20 decision over the Bears.

The official on the play first started to rule a touchdown, then quickly changed his call to incomplete. An official much farther away came running in, and after a meeting the play was ruled a score.

Norwalk coach Sean Ireland, irate at the decision, was assessed two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and ejected. Emotions were already frayed because there were 25 penalties called in the game and almost every one led to a meeting between the officials, removing much of the flow.

The Ruden Report was provided a copy of the play in question.

Here it is. You make the call.