New Canaan Linebacker Cass Knox Still Contributing Despite Season-Ending Injury

NEW CANAAN — First came the snapping and cracking sound that all athletes hear about but can never fully comprehend until it happens to them. Such was the case last month for New Canaan linebacker Cass Knox when confronted with the disheartening reverberation of separating ligaments on a play near the end of the day at a football camp at Boston College.

“I knew it couldn’t be good,” Knox said. “I was trying to convince myself I had done something other than an ACL. It took five days before the diagnosis, and for five days I was turning myself into a doctor, looking up all the symptoms of an ACL and if I matched those symptoms.”


Enter And Win A $250 Gift Certificate In The Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge

A new school year and fall season are under way, and Colony Grill and The Ruden Report are going to give one FCIAC fall team the chance to hold a preseason dinner together with a $250 gift certificate that can be used at one of its current locations, in Stamford, Fairfield and Milford (a new one is coming soon to Norwalk).

We are calling it the Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge.

Just as coaches are making it tough to get you in shape with long early practices, we too are going to make you work hard for the prize, but have fun in the process.


Analysis: FCIAC’s New Broadcast Deal One Of Many Changes In Facing Future

Discussing today’s announced partnership between the FCIAC and the HAN Network, a friend of mine who had children that played in the league asked a fairly reasonable question: Is there any reason I should care?

A lot of that depends on both your vantage point and expectations. In the very basic Xs and Os, league fans will see far greater streaming coverage on the HAN Network than they got on MSGVarsity. The fall broadcast schedule the rebranded company once known as Hersam Acorn Newspapers distributed included 25 league games. There are 11 football, five boys soccer, three girls soccer and six field hockey games. Fifteen of the 17 schools will appear at one time.

That is the obvious big plus, and remember it is just a starting point that likely will only grow with time. The negative? If it is a concern of yours, the level of production at the outset won’t be up to a par with MSGVarsity, which isn’t a knock at the HAN Network. MSGVarsity has the Cablevision machine behind it, the infrastructure and a workforce of people mainly with broadcast journalism backgrounds. In other words, it is to be expected.


FCIAC Enters Into New Broadcast Agreement With HAN Network

NORWALK — The relationship between the FCIAC and the company formerly known as Hersam Acorn Newspapers, once limited to the league’s website, jumped to a new level on Tuesday, when an agreement to currently stream 25 games this fall was announced during a press conference at the Norwalk Inn.

The rebranded HAN Network announced a three-year deal with the FCIAC. The media company’s chief executive officer, Martin Hersam, said it was valued at $24,000 annually, roughly what the league had been receiving from its previous partner, MSGVarsity.


Commentary: John Marinelli’s Latest First At Greenwich Is Also His Favorite

GREENWICH — There was being hired for the first head job, the first meeting, the first spring practice.

On Friday evening, there was the biggest first of all for John Marinelli: the first practice as coach at Greenwich High School. Marinelli is running out of firsts, which have been well chronicled both because of his name and he landed the state’s most coveted offseason opening.

“For me it’s the greatest two hours, on the field for the first time,” Marinelli said, after putting his new players through a series of conditioning drills that were performed at the pace of a quick hitting tornado.


A Love Of Sports And Social Media Opening Doors For Stamford’s Brittany Martin

STAMFORD — Brittany Martin has been playing sports her entire life. She has been cheerleading since the third grade and playing lacrosse since middle school. In fact, sports have always been the one thing that Martin has loved the most, until she found something this summer that just might prove their rival.

Martin took advantage of a unique opportunity for someone her age — a rising senior at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering in Stamford — working for Briana Barack and her company, Briana and Co. Martin took the role of promoting Barack’s rising company all over social media as well as helping to design and launch the company’s new website.

“Working for Briana Barack this summer has been amazing,” Martin said. “Briana and Co. is still in its newer phases, so it’s been really cool to watch it grow along with her.”


Countdown To Kickoff: Changes Abound At Trinity Catholic

As it prepares for the start of preseason conditioning in nine days, few football teams will enter training camp with more storylines than Trinity Catholic.

Can the Crusaders improve on last year’s 7-4 mark; three of the losses were to teams that played in a state final?

How will coach Donny Panapada work with his mentor, Rich Albonizio, who has come over after a forced resignation from Greenwich in the offseason’s second biggest coaching move?


After Her Own Meteoric Rise As A Player, Allie Davis Hopes To Build Girls Lacrosse In Stamford

STAMFORD — Allie Davis’ formidable challenge is not unlike that for many girls lacrosse coaches in Fairfield County: how to bridge the gap, both on the high school and club level, between an upstart, in this case Stamford, and powers like Darien, New Canaan, Wilton and Greenwich.

Davis knows this is a project that will be measured in years — many of them — and that among the qualities she will need to tap is patience, not always a commodity for 24-year-olds accustomed to instant success.

“I hope as the years go on and I get older and the programs get stronger and stronger, people will say Stamford has a good lacrosse program,” Davis said of her goal.