Coach Talk With Kathryn: Episode 3 — Jack McFarland

In coming up with video projects for my senior interns, I thought it would be fun to have a series of interviews with top FCIAC coaches. For the project to work, I needed an outgoing student who would not be intimidated by the setting.

Ridgefield’s Kathryn Barlow has been working as a social media specialist for The Ruden Report for over a year, and I thought she would be well-suited for the project.

For the third episode, Kathryn talks with Staples baseball coach Jack McFarland about the end of his season, getting to watch his daughter win a state softball title and whether he argues too much with umpires.


This was a collaborative effort with three senior interns. Gretchen Peters was in charge of production, while Jackson Valente handled the film editing. Special thanks to former Ruden Report intern Natalie Brassinga for the graphic.