FCIAC Football Weekly: The Premiere Episode

FCIAC Football Weekly Final-02-1One of the new, exclusive features to The Ruden Report is going to be FCIAC Football Weekly, an online show.

Based on the results of the previous weekend’s games, we are going to pick a featured team. We will go to their town each Monday night and shoot a show at the restaurant of their choice.

We will have several spots: one with the head coach and then one or two with players from the team. If time permits, we will also get someone topical to the sport. Maybe it will be a referee. Perhaps a trainer talking about injury prevention or concussion treatment. We might interview an FCIAC official, an athletic director or someone in the news. Hopefully some other writers who cover area teams will stop by.

The show will evolve as we see what works, what doesn’t and what viewers like best.

Don Boyle, the founder and owner of SportingNewsCT.com, will be doing all the filming. BlueStreak Sports Training, Karl Chevrolet and Innovative Health & Rehabilitation are the sponsors that are making this all possible.

Stepping out of character, I will be the weekly host.


And as you will see in this debut episode, the host needs a little work. Fortunately the coaches do not, and we open up having interviewed 13 of them who were on hand at the first annual FCIAC football media day that was held last week in Stamford at Zody’s 19th Hole.

The aim is to have each show last for about 12-15 minutes. To accommodate all the coaches and give them fair time, this first one is 28 minutes long.

So welcome to the debut of FCIAC Football Weekly, and check back each Tuesday for a new edition.