Video Spotlight: New Harding Coach Jack Cochran

It would be difficult to think of a more polarizing coach than Jack Cochran. With a 160-24-2 career mark, 14 state championship appearances and eight titles, Cochran is among the most decorated coaches in state history.

But Cochran is also one of the most controversial figures. The CIAC’s score management rule is often referred to as “The Cochran Rule,” because of what many believed was the coach’s penchant for running up scores.

He has been fired from one job and suspended for a year from another.

All of which made the news this spring that Warren Harding had hired Cochran as its new coach ripple throughout the state. There were over 30 high school football coaching changes in the offseason, but none came close to creating the buzz of Cochran taking over a program that has gone 9-91 the past 10 years.

Cochran is unapologetic in defending his previous practices. He rebuilt the program at Bloomfield, which Cochran said was in worse shape than Harding is today.

One thing is for certain: there has never been more buzz at the start of a football season at Harding.


The Ruden Report caught up with Cochran recently to discuss his past, present and future.

(Video shot by Katie Burns)