Girls Basketball

Five Questions: Stamford’s Megan Landsiedel

Megan Landsiedel hopes to lead Stamford to postseason success in her final weeks with the team. (Matt Dewkett)

Megan Landsiedel made a name for herself in youth basketball before arriving as a freshman at Stamford High School. Now a senior, Landsiedel is preparing for the stretch run of her career.

The Black Knights are currently in sixth place in the FCIAC standings and are hoping to move up a few spots before the playoffs begin a week from Saturday.

TRR: What have you not yet accomplished that you hope to as you get ready for the postseason?

ML: As the team goes, we still have to win the city championship. I have accomplished that before. That’s definitely something we’re working towards this year. The FCIAC championship and states. As for me, I would like to get first team All-FCIAC again and All-State, which is something I haven’t accomplished. I got third team last year but I haven’t gotten first team.

TRR: Stamford has lost a couple of games that were not close to teams you will have probably have to play again in the playoffs. What will you have to do differently the next time?

ML: We just have gone through a lot of things as a team and we just need to put everything together. Once we do that we should be able to compete with anybody.

TRR: Your high school career is coming to an end. What emotions does that bring?


ML: Actually it has hit me a little bit but not that much yet. I think it will come on senior night. As of right now we are taking it one game at a time so I don’t think it has hit anybody yet.

TRR: You are a real gym rat. What is the one thing you’ve most wanted to do that you haven’t been able to because of basketball?

ML: I don’t know if there really is. It has just always been basketball. That’s what I love to do.

TRR: Is there something you are really bad at that you wish you could be good at?

ML: I definitely can’t draw. My mom has a degree in art and I can’t draw. I draw stick figures.