Five Questions: Westhill Linebacker Sam Edouard

Westhill linebacker Sam Edouard on Friday at Grip It & Rip It. (Dave Ruden)

This week we play Five Questions with a number of players who took part this past weekend in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. Next up is Westhill outside linebacker Sam Edouard.

TRR: This is your first 7 on 7 of the summer. What’s it like getting out here?

SE: It’s amazing. I’ve got a good vibe, good adrenaline going on. It feels good. 

TRR: This will be your second year with Coach Joey Devellis. Is this offseason a little easier?

SE: Yes. I knew him as my defensive coordinator. He’s amazing and I love him. I love how he coaches.

TRR: What is the key for the team to reach its goals this season?


SE: To work hard. Keep on going and earn it. Everybody’s got a role and everybody’s got to finish it.

TRR: Why do they call you Pops?

SE: Well, I look old and I get it. I do what I have to do. I’ve got the beard and everything.

TRR: Who is the player on the team most people are unfamiliar with ready to have a breakout season?

SE: A guy named Tyrrese Bazile. He’s young, a junior, he’s going to move up and I think he’s going to be really good.