Five Questions: Greenwich Wide Receiver AJ Barber

Greenwich’s AJ Barber watches  at the Grip It & Rip It tournament.

This week we play Five Questions with a number of players who took part this past weekend in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. Next up is Greenwich receiver AJ Barber, one of the stars from the team’s state championship win over New Canaan.

TRR: What’s the offseason been like since winning the state title?

AJB: I had a torn labrum so I had to fix that up and try to get back from that. I got it in the second game last year against Trinity Catholic. I played with it and didn’t feel it all season. When I started getting ready for baseball and I couldn’t throw that’s when it was discovered.

TRR: What has it been like since you found out you are getting a new coach?

AJB: Honestly it hasn’t been that traumatic. The coaches that we still have left have been doing everything we would usually be doing so I don’t feel right now that has been impacting us that much.

TRR: You had an unbelievable state championship game. Has that brought you more attention?


AJB: I guess. Yeah, it has. I’m definitely known around Greenwich a lot more than I was before. It’s in the past now and I just have to get ready for next season.

TRR: Everyone is going to be gunning for your team this year. What are the keys as you try for a second state title?

AJB: We have to stick together as a team. Take to our coaching. If our coaching staff stays together this year it will be a huge benefit for us because they have been so effective in the past. We’ve got a lot of holes to fill but based on the offseason we’ve been having it looks pretty good.

TRR: What’s your favorite hobby?

AJB: Watching Pokemon and Pokemon Enthusiast. It took me three years to watch all 22 seasons.