Girls Soccer

Fun Facts: New Canaan’s Courtney O’Connell

Courtney O’Connell scored the winning goal for New Canaan in the Central Region final against Darien.

(Fun Facts, where we find out more about FCIAC athletes, was a regular feature on The Ruden Report Overtime newsletter. Until we start publishing the newsletter again, we are going to move it here to the site.)

A new Fun Facts with Courtney O’Connell of the New Canaan girls soccer team.

— What was it like playing your rival Darien four times this season, including for the region championship? Honestly playing Darien four times this season has been really exciting. Those are the best type of games cause they’re so competitive and each team wants it so much, which makes it fun. We also learned a lot about ourselves as a team and it pushed each of us to work harder than ever so it was fun to get to play them that many times.

— What was going through your head when you scored the winning goal in the title game? Well in the moment I didn’t know it would end up being the goal that made the difference of the game but in my head it just made me want to work even harder to make them not score. I didn’t even know what happened in the box when after I kicked the ball into the area but I just saw it go over the line and it was the most exciting feeling. I think it drove everyone to work harder to keep that score the way it was and I have to give my teammates so much credit because we all did everything we could to not let them score again.

— How did it feel to win the game after losing the first three times? It was an amazing feeling after winning that game, and it felt even better considering we lost to them in the regular season. It was also the most rewarding feeling because we worked so hard for it and it proved that hard work does pay off. Our team was also going through a rough patch with players and coaches quarantined and just other stuff too so we were so proud of each other to come together and keep our heads up, which was the most important thing to do.


— If you could go to dinner with any celebrity who would it be and why? This is a hard one, haha, but I’d probably go to dinner with Miley Cyrus cause she just seems so cool and doesn’t care what others think of her. We’ve also grown up watching her on TV and I’ve always wondered how it would be to actually meet her. I feel like she’s just cool and funny and has a cool personality so yeah I’d probably choose her.

— What was your favorite vacation and why? My favorite vacation was probably Puerto Rico with all my cousins. We all went together when we were younger and it was so much fun because we’re all so close and the place we stayed at was really cool.

— What is your favorite music to listen to before a big game? I’m not a huge rap person but before a big game I’ll listen to like pump-up music or rap cause it gets my energy and makes me excited to play. I usually listen to country music but that doesn’t exactly get me hyped up to play a sports game so I do more fast paced and upbeat stuff.

— Lexie Moskovit

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