Is The Door To Fall Football Still Open? Lamont Is Ambiguous

Is the door to a fall high school football season still open?

Maybe. Maybe not.

That is the takeaway from a live interview that Gov. Ned Lamont had tonight with the News 12 cable network in the aftermath of tonight’s protest by state football players in Hartford. There was an estimated crowd of over 1,000 people.

In the interview, Lamont attributes the cancellation of the fall season to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which made the decision on Friday in adherence with the recommendation of the state Department of Public Health. The DPH classified football as a high-risk sport and stated that the only way for it to become a moderate risk and played this fall would be using 7 on 7, with no linemen or tackling. Otherwise it should be moved to the spring.


Later in the interview, and more definitively on a tweet off his Twitter account, Lamont called on both the CIAC and DPH to meet on Friday about a way to play it safely.

The DPH has already done that. Can its position be changed or a compromised arrange?

State football players have ridden a rollercoaster as the prospect of a football season has been put in front of them and then taken away on several occasions during the last month.

This cannot drag on any longer. An emphatic answer needs to come this week.

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