Senior Moments: Staples’ Adam Petro

Adam Petro was a key member of Staples’ FCIAC and state championship baseball team last season.

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Adam Petro from the Staples baseball team.

TRR: Where were you when you heard the season was canceled and what was your initial reaction?

AP: I found out through (Hearst Connecticut’s) Scott Ericson’s Twitter feed. I saw his tweet and immediately texted the seniors and some of the younger kids and said ‘Hey, did you see the news?” and told them how I felt about it and how I was upset. Then I went and met the two other captains at the baseball field and sat and reminisced. It was just good to look back on what we accomplished the last couple of years.

TRR: Were you braced for the news or did it still really hit you hard?

AP: To be honest at first I was pretty optimistic that this would just hopefully blow over and we would be back in a month or so but it didn’t turn out like that at all, sadly for everybody.

TRR: How hard is it not getting the chance to defend both your FCIAC and state titles?

AP: It’s very challenging not to be able to defend it because that’s all that’s been in our minds since last June really. Just trying to keep our work ethic and stay together and work for our goal again.

TRR: Where are you going to school next year and do you know what you want to study?

AP: I’m going to the University of Colorado at Boulder and I am in the pre-business program. I’m pretty excited to get out there.


TRR: What is something you consider interesting about yourself that few if any people know?

AP: I love my dogs. They’re adorable. I like to go for a drive. I actually drove up to Palmer Field a couple of weeks ago. I looked out and thought dang, this is so beautiful to play right here. I wish I had one more time. I just like to go for a drive. By the beach.

TRR: Are there any TV shows or movies you’ve really liked with your extra free time?

AP: I’m in love with this (Michael) Jordan documentary right now. Just the fire and the passion he had for winning. It’s remarkable to watch as an athlete. As he said before the documentary came out, people are going to think I’m a bad person after this. But watching it as an athlete it shows he’s the best teammate you can ask for. Just always pushes you to make you better because he is the greatest basketball player. What you look for in leaders. That’s what I’ve taken away from it so far.

TRR: Is there anything new you have tried during the past two months?

AP: A little bit of golf actually. I play on my front yard, working on the chip game. I play with my little brother a little bit, try to keep him out of the house. This is just tough for everybody, staying inside. You just have to try and get out and get some fresh air. It makes your day so much better. Being outside for an hour.

TRR: What are you going to remember most about Staples?

AP: The people. I made so many good friends and had so many good teammates throughout the years. The relationships I made during the four years. That’s what I’m going to remember the most.

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