Senior Moments: Trumbull’s Emily Gell

Emily Gell will be pitching next year for Springfield College. (Matt Dewkett)

With senior athletes seeing the final months of their high school careers affected both on and off the fields and away from the gyms, The Ruden Report is running a series, Senior Moments, to put the spotlight on some of the best of the Class of 2020.

Next up is Emily Gell of the Trumbull softball team. She will pitch next year at Springfield College.

TRR: When you heard the season was canceled what was your initial reaction?

EG: As much as I didn’t want to believe it at first we all knew that it was coming and it was just a matter of when. It was upsetting and disappointing when it was made official but knowing it was to keep everyone safe made it easier to accept.

TRR: Is it easier being a pitcher to stay in shape during a quarantine than it might be for someone in a different sport?

EG: My brother happens to be a catcher so it makes it easier at my house to get work in. My pitching coach has been doing virtual lessons with me over Zoom so I can continue to improve my skills even though I’m not able to physically be at the facility.

TRR: What aspect of being part of the team have you missed most?

EG: During the season we spend practically every day together so it’s really weird not being able to see everybody all the time. We have our long walks to the field every day, we always sing our favorite songs on the bus ride to games. We have a really good team camaraderie. It’s like a family. It’s such a great group of people, not only with talented players but also with good teammates and good people.

TRR: Is there anything you have tried over the past two months with the extra free time that you haven’t done before?

EG: It’s funny. I’ve never normally had time for extra things to do because I normally have such a busy schedule but I’ve been binge watching some TV shows and movies.


TRR: What do you recommend?

EG: Definitely Outer Banks and All American.

TRR: Is there a unique skill you have that your friends don’t know about?

EG: Not really. My life is pretty much just school and softball.

TRR: If you could be better at one thing what would it be?

EG: That’a a hard one. (Long pause). Definitely dancing. I’m a very bad dancer.

TRR: If you had your choice of prom, graduation or a week of softball which would you pick?

EG: I think as much as I would like to say a week of games, I would have to say graduation. It allows me to celebrate with my classmates and have closure on four years at Trumbull High.

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