Five Questions: Fairfield Warde Quarterback Joey Gulbin

Joey Gulbin returns at quarterback for Fairfield Warde. (Dave Ruden)

This week we play Five Questions with a number of players who took part this past weekend in the Grip It & Rip It Tournament at New Canaan. Next up is Joey Gulbin, who returns at quarterback for Fairfield Warde, which went 4-6 last season.

TRR: Has the team been doing a lot of 7 on 7s this summer?

JG: We did a couple and we also went to Yale camp but other than that this is our last 7 on 7 before the season and we’re just getting ready for camp.

TRR: As a quarterback how do these 7 on 7s help you?

JG: They definitely help making our reads and seeing the defense, and we play most of these teams during the season, so we get a good look before we play them.

TRR: There are 12 FCIAC teams up here. During breaks do you try and get a little scouting in?


JG: Ludlowe we played at Yale camp and Ludlowe is our town rival so we definitely get to look at their defense and offense. The plays they run and get a good look.

TRR: What are going to be the keys to success for the Mustangs?

JG: We definitely have to be smart this year because we’re a little smaller than last year. We lost a lot of good seniors. We just have to hit the weight room and know our plays to the best of our ability.

TRR: What’s the best show you’ve ever binge-watched?

JG: Definitely Friday Night Lights. It’s a football show and I love football.